An original STM32F7 flight controller by @blckmn



The NERO is a cheerfully simple ST Microelectronics STM32F722 based Flight Controller - designed to run Betaflight.

This is the FC designed for those wanting F7 performance but still keeping it simple and in your control i.e. whilst it comes with non of the extra trimmings - it's bare bones - it definitely punches above its weight.

Why the NERO?

The STM32F7 is the next step up in terms of processor performance. This board is designed as a simple replacement to previous generations of F1, F3 and F4 based flight controllers. The overall design has been based on the successful BlueJayF4 (rev4).

The name NERO has been chosen for its simplicity and the hope this controller will add heat to an already hot market.


NERO F7 shown

Based on the BlueJayF4

Although the NERO has been designed with the STM32F722 - which is just being released by STM - it's design is based on the fourth revision of the BlueJayF4.

The basic design is therefore proven, and the F7 chipset is also tried and tested with a non-released BlueJayF7, using the STM32F746 chipset.

Features / Specification

  • Runs Betaflight (and soon iNav)
  • Dedicated buzzer output
  • Supports a piggy backed POLOLU
  • Voltage Sensor (off battery input)
  • Has outputs for up to 8 motors
  • Serial or PPM input
  • MicroSD Card support for BlackBox
  • Three available hardware UART ports
  • UARTs support inversion for Smartport and SBUS etc.
  • Tactile button for booting to STM boot loader
  • Standard pin headers for the majority of connections
  • 36mm x 36mm (standard 30.5mm between mounting holes)
  • i2c available via through hole micro pin header
  • Current sensor input through hole micro pin header
  • STM32F722 32-bit processor at 216MHz, 512kb flash, 256kb ram
  • ICM 20602 Gyro/Accelerometer connected via SPI
  • CAN bus capable (optional)
  • USB connectivity without tying up a UART

Runs Betaflight

Betaflight is the flight controller firmware needed for the NERO.

Up to 8 Motors

Support for up to 8 motors, but configured for Quad by default so plenty of IO.

Released to buy

Available to buy now from retailers.

Wholesale Options

If you are looking to distribute the NERO then wholesale purchasing options are available.

Available from:

Why by the NERO, or support blckmn?

The NERO has been designed by blckmn. He is a considerable contributor to the ongoing development and support of the flight controller firmware Betaflight. He also designs various electronic circuits and accessories for use on multi-rotors and is known for sharing and blogging details on multi-rotor gear he has hacked to ease the pain for other pilots.

Your support, if you so choose, via patreon helps cover the costs of his development and support.

Attention Retailers:

If you are interested in purchasing the NERO for distribution in your retail store then please get into contact.